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Some would call this a neophyte-thread.

Greetings Airsoft Canada,

My name is F. Thouin, and Airsoft recently caught the attention of my friends and myself. We live in Quebec (that beeing said, excuse my sloppy english), Laval to be more accurate.

We would be very interested in joining this ever-growing community we do, however, have many questions that need to be answered:

First and foremost, what kind of weapon would you guys suggest to a bunch of neophytes? We don't want to spend more than 250$ (even that is exceeding most of our budgets) and still have a weapon decent enough not to suffer major disadvantages during the games.

We also happen to play some GN (Grandeur Nature, some sort of DnD with foam swords and a lot of roleplaying) and I happen to notice that both airsoft and GN use the same honor system to determine if you have been shot. How intense is the roleplaying during games? Is it an important part of the game?

Last but not least, my compatriots, this is the time for you to shine: Where could we play Airsoft? Is there a game field in Quebec (if there is more than one, please reveel me its exsitence)?

Deep thanks from my friends and I for your help.

P.S: I almost forgot, where can we buy these weapons and is this one recommended:

EDIT: Oh well, never mind. I see I must bare with 18 years of living before practicing this sport. I'll see you guys in a year.

Besides staring at the calendar for approx. 365 days, anyway to pass time?
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