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Dollar Store Derringer

Bored on a Friday night, I stumbled upon a treasure chest I had once buried alongside my childhood, dollar stores. Upon opening the chest shiny, useless objects gleamed like riches before my very eyes. One of the beauts I discovered was this Derringer'esque Airsoft gun (See figure 1 and 2).

First Impressions:
It was love at first sight, imagine, being cornered by one enemy, your primary is empty, your's the time you wish you'd paid attention to that leaky mag), but you have something up your sleeve...and I digress...
The packaging really added to that feel, with the cop holding out a badge and the words "SUPER SECRET AGENT" written in an awesome yellow. It felt light...perhaps too light...but we'll see.
Visual Presentation - 9/10, other guns in the aisle had badges or handcuffs, this one was lacking in the accessories, but made up for it with an awesome name.

Test Time:
The gun doesn't come with any magazines, yep, no mags. Instead, bb's are loaded through the top and are gravity fed making for a simplistic weapon with no worries about losing magazines or carrying spares (See figure 3). The great thing about it is that it can load a whopping 25 rounds! That's a lot of heat packed in this little thing (Hey....don't Derringers usually hold only 2 rounds?).

I loaded this up with the bbs that came with it (which was rather difficult as some of the rounds weren't....well, round. Many were deformed, resembling raisins with the odd bb shaped like Elvis' face) and quickly fired off a few. Wow! I didn't even need to cock it, nor did I need gas or a battery pack! Rather, it uses a spring which literally springs the rounds out of the barrel and onto some unsuspecting opponents. Attention must be made when firing as the rounds are gravity fed. So shots done up-side-down while rapelling down a ventilation shaft aren't doable.
Performance - 9/10, it's semi-auto capabilities gives me an opportunity to pellet down enemies rapidly. The spring is quiet and allows for stealthy shots, it's so stealthy people aren't even aware they are hit! The ability to see the BB while it is being shot in the air is an added bonus, but it's lacking in the upside-down / shooting sideways department.

Round Two:
The lack of a safety lever has really been upsetting me. I'm truly adamant about trigger discipline and safety, especially at home. I came home one day to see my puppy armed to the teeth (no really, it was in his teeth) with my derringer. It discharged and wounded my neighbour's cat. My dog claims it was self-defense as the cat was intruding in our home. Truly a devastating weapon
Safety - 2/10, at least it fires the BBs slow enough to see it

Final Thoughts:
One is obviously not enough, as a backup-backup weapon I feel it is best to carry several of them and adapt a 'fire and forget' mentality to save time (See figure 4). It's light weight and fast shooting capabilities make up for it's historical inaccuracy; particularly the lack of use of the top-barrel. The lack of an adjustable hop-up and modification capabilities are a real let down, but a bi-pod attached to this would eliminate your ability to hide it in your sock / sleeve or in your body.
Overall - 8/10 It would receive a higher rating if it came with a mini holster or at least some trades

Figure 1:

Figure 2:

Figure 3:

Figure 4:

Thank you for reading my first review and I truly hope you realize this was entirely a joke. It really does shoot BBs but don't expect it to shoot more than 6 feet. At any distance, feeling the shot is difficult.
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