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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
If you like this gun with the stock mag, get a CO2 mag. It's a whole different game then. On a warm day, I've chrono'd the WE's on CO2 at over 400 fps, and they kick like a mule as well.

I've found in the past that the QC on finishing with the WE left something to be desired, but they used to be real cheap. My favorite one was the AE 5.1 Striker, but they don't make that one anymore.
Yeah, I've considered the CO2 mag as well, but I'd prefer get away from CO2 just for the cost issue. I may eventually pick one up just for kicks though. Sounds like fun.

Other than the small cosmetic glitches I mentioned, the finish on this gun is quite nice. No real problems anywhere.

And I'd love to get that Striker 'meat tenderizer' front end for it. That looks pretty badass, I think. I have a Troy-style flash hider on my HK416 with the meat tenderizer end and I think it looks badass.

Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
You can't really convert energy/FPS with gas guns. They perform much better, and impart more energy on a BB with heavier BB's. So good idea with using the .25's .
Yeah, I didn't try to do the energy conversion because of that. I'll just chrony the damn thing with .2s when I get some. I know the difference in weight isn't as great with gas guns as with AEGs, but still, I was impressed with the velocity.

I plan to use .30 in the field with my pistols, actually. I stocked up on a several bags of .25s for my AEGs, and a couple of .30s for the pistols. I'll have to try them out to see how they work out in this gun and how fast they chrony.

Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Different mag though. WE guns dump alot of gas, and when you look at the internal volume of the mag compared to a KSC Glock for example, you are getting 2x + the number of shots with the KSC for about the same volume of gas stored.

With some WE's that exihibit cycling problems, they will dump enough gas to fire the BB, move the slide about 90% of it's cylcle (but not enough to catch on empty), and dump a shitload of gas all over your wrist (and leave it nice and greasy too).
This mag seems quite a bit bigger than my Glock 17's mags. I can get 2 full mags' worth of shots out of a propane fill with my KSC G17. I managed to get about 35 shots out of a full load on the Hi-Capa. That sort of speaks about how much gas it uses up, I guess.

Yeah, it dumps a lot of gas for sure. Left my wrist covered in silicone oil after shooting it. It's really got a serious high flow, regardless of what kind of valve is in it. I'll try out the TM mags I ordered for it and see how they work. If they don't work with the stock valve, I'll throw in some high-flow valves.
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