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The age-verification is done by volunteers who don't necessarily live on these forums. The system isn't perfect, that's for sure. It can be slow, but it does work. And its intended purpose is not to be able to get someone a gun. It's to make sure that kids don't get their hands on guns. And in that respect, it works. It's unfortunate that the list of verifiers is out of date and that response times are slow. It can be quite frustrating for sure

I hate to bust the news to you, but ASC is the ONLY reason you can still get a non-clear gun in Canada unless you stumble into a private deal with some random person. ASC is not responsible for the sales. They just make sure that kids can't get into the system, and having a record of who is who helps cut down on fraud. If you have alternatives, then by all means, use them. But right now, this is the only game in town. Pardon me, the only game in the COUNTRY.
Thank you. You represent the community well.
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