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24 hours isn't all that bad. Give it some time and if they don't accept your EMT just cancel it, you should have that option in your online account. Or, if you're really concerned, cancel the EMT now.
They'll see that it was cancelled when they go to accept it and question it, you should get a response right smart if that's the case.
Think of it this way, you haven't been burned for any money yet so you're still up one. If you don't get a response stop the transfer til you get some good communications with them.

You're buying something from a store clerk. You put your product on the counter, he/she rings it through and tells you the price. You put the money on the counter and they walk away (for some reason).
A bit rude? So you take your money back and walk out (leaving the product of course). Same idea. Money's still your's.
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