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Please fill out your profile. It is easier to AV someone with a filled out profile. It makes it easier to send you a message to AV you if I know where you live. I drive hours to AV people. The easier way si still a agime or a meet and greet that happens. I host 3 a year and I get about 4 people to AV at them. I AV many more at fields. I would recomend stating you are going to a match and wish to be AV'ed. That goes a long way to inform the verifiers you are going to need services. I wish I knew where you were to help you more.

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Hahaha my point is proven with the maturity of the responses.

It scares me to see that you guys are deemed "age verified" and allowed to buy an AEG. I feel like a the short bus dropped off a load at the ASC board ....but this is nothing new eh boys? Its sort of on going piss fest here.
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