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Originally Posted by fireman182 View Post
welcome to the death of airsoft.

Cant get an AEG in canada now with out being age verified.

I guess you can waste your time and gas and drive to a game with no gun and have someone probably younger than you ID you.

Awesome system.
If airsoft is dead, just leave it lie man. Move on to something live.

Got some authority issues? There's something wrong with someone younger than you age verifying you? And, just so you know, if you really want you could probably arrange to have someone rent you a gun for that game.

And to go one further, it is an awesome system. It is a volunteer run system, by a well regulated community of people with a common interest, done on a national scale. And there is no cost to the end user. Seen what is costs to join a hockey association lately? Actually if you took a moment to think about it, you'd realize it is absolutely awesome.

What I get from your posts, is some sort of strange sense of entitlement, which really doesn't fit in here, or in the real world. Maybe you'd like the grocer or call dealer to drive by your house so you can select which brand of bread you want or which care to buy? Maybe we can peel your grapes for you too.

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