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God damnit, now I have to make a comic about "YOU CANNOT IMPORT REPLICA WEAPONS INTO CANADA."

Unless you are from the U.S. of A. This shouldnt be a problem for you. But seeing how you are posting on a canadian site about canadian airsoft, I'll only assume.

If you are not 18 years of age. Wait 'till you are, Get age verified. Done deal, you can get a gun. If you're below, dont even 'bother' trying to get a high grade airsoft gun unless you've proven yourself to your local airsoft community, then you 'might' have a chance.

And most of all, do a bit of research before you post. put some info in that profile of yours and please, please dont open up to be spoonfed. Our spoons are crooked, and most likely hit an eye or something. Not fun.
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