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Originally Posted by fireman182 View Post
welcome to the death of airsoft.

Cant get an AEG in canada now with out being age verified.

I guess you can waste your time and gas and drive to a game with no gun and have someone probably younger than you ID you.

Awesome system.
Hurray fireman, my eyes are finally opened. On behalf of all Canadian airsofters, we admit that age verification is totally un-awesome, and airsoft is dead. Thank you, I now have hope to carry on with a normal life. We bow to you, to were right all along.

What do you think you know, smart guy? Honestly, if you don't have the patience to get age-verified and be understanding of its necessity in our country, you don't have the patience to play airsoft. Go play paintball and save us your whining.

And lol at Savage.

Semper memor.
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