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Originally Posted by CDN_Stalker View Post
...bragging comes from wise investments of cash and how you use them, NOT by price-tag. Ronan is to the PTW what a 16 year old with a learner's permit is to a Lambourghini Countach. Bragging rights, but in the end likely an expensive weight.
Amen Brother Stalker!

I have the same issue with musicians and their gear. Guys who play like shit buy these expensive high end guitar and amps and think it makes them the second coming of Hendrix or something, when all along, all it does is make their suckage more apparent. Yet, they insist they're godly because of how much their instrumetns cost.

I have a custom ESP Explorer that cost $4700, a custom Lado that cost $3800, and a Gibson Les Paul that cost just under $2000. My favourite, best playing, and IMO best-sounding guitar is a nicely upgraded no-name $450 Korean-made Les Paul knockoff. I brag the shit out of that guitar all the time. Gets more play time than all my other guitars combined.

So yeah, price tag means the square root of fuck-all.
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