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Originally Posted by dpvu View Post
Everyone knows there's no girls on the internet. Come on man.
Girls on the internet is serious business!

Originally Posted by Spencer View Post
Ronan.. I've outshot you with your PTW using a JG and a spring pistol. Your PTW is broken, I believe the problem lies between the grip and the trigger though.

+1 to annoying eliteness. Love PTW's.. love the look on PTW owners faces when they get shot by "cheap clone guns" more.
Actually the biggest problem with his PTW lies about 8" behind his EOTech. Remind me, has Ronan only every played indoor games with his PTW? I'm thinking back and am wondering how much he'll silently bitch to himself once he starts playing mil-sim games outdoors, like in the rainy wet weather, etc. and see how much he still loves his "My PTW cures cancer!" when he has to resort to his Crosman springer that he keeps in his belt because he couldn't afford a vest/chestrig, holster and GBB because he bought a PTW and tricked it right out. BTW Ronan, bragging comes from wise investments of cash and how you use them, NOT by price-tag. Ronan is to the PTW what a 16 year old with a learner's permit is to a Lambourghini Countach. Bragging rights, but in the end likely an expensive weight.
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