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The article was balanced..

It was not Journalism .. it was a Fluff piece .. and came off as such

The guy talks about the dangers and talks about the attraction of the activity.

What I took away from that article is .. this is a fun active game that kids love .. and as long as properly supervised.. the risk is low. How is this bad?

Clearly someone who volunteers to supervise games is not against the activity.

Jumping in and getting all huffy about the inaccuracies... or showing how "Soft air" or Clearsoft is not "airsoft" is pointless .. we are better served by a public perception of a mostly harmless game.. than an image of heavily armed men ( if armed with toys ) operating out of the public eye.

I can't see how taking the time to point out there is an entire community of grown men with much more accurate and menacing weapon replicas participating in similar if way more serious activity could be a benefit to anyone.

Leave it alone and it is forgoten in a week... poke it and you will bring the gaze of media.. with all that entails.
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