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here is the editors email to write a responce to the paper. I am not sure how a barage of email about... "

"How dare does that reporter flaunt the self imposed rules of the airsoft community and suppy an AEG to minor. He should really have researched the sport and and self imposed rules of the community. It is a shame that he would report suppling AEGs to children something this commnity is trying its best to curb. I am ashamed of your reporter by breaking the self appointed regulation and then flaunt it to the province. I think he did a great misservice to the sport by making it seem "taboo" this will attract the wrong crowd. Frankly I have never played with 15 years old I would never supply such a device to a child never mind your own. I am ashamed of your parenting skills. perhaps the reporter should take a child safety course. If he wishes to understand the basic rules of the community :
18+ ...No children to play
No sales to children
We are fanatical about safety

I didn't see any report of the commnuity and its goals of creating a SAFE, responible experience. Frankly If I saw the reporter's children with airsoft in a public park I would call the police on them

Thank you for your time.

I send this to the editor.
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