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Just a thought...

As I was reading this article last night, this thought occurred to me.
I agree with most of you in that the article had many misconceptions regarding airsoft.
However, this may not be completely a bad thing.
When I read the article, it almost gave me an impression that airsoft was an "acceptable activity" that needed some regulating. After which airsoft would become a safer activity for most people to enjoy.
With this impression in my mind, I thought then perhaps with even more articles that are similar in scope, airsoft would be given some more legitimacy, instead of being an "underground sport" as it is now.
We have always discussed how to increase positive public exposure about our sport... although this article doesn't spin a positive picture, it doesn't spin a negative one neither. It did give it some legitimacy by saying that people in Japan have been doing it for some time, and that our friends south of the border are into it as well.
And, in my opinion, THAT doesn't harm our sport. Its a small stepping stone in the right direction, albeit with some misinformation.
With that article, people will now know there is such a thing called airsoft, and won't freak out when we mention it.

Slow and steady....

My simple minded opinion, if you will.
Take it for what its worth.


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