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Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
Perhaps we could all penned a "coordinated" response. Sort of put our heads together and come up with a thoughful, insightful article that gives correct information about airsoft, but it also a direct rebuttal to that particular artcle.

I agree it should be written by someone that's been around for a while, but not based on post count. I have 1800 posts and been into airsoft less than a year now. That means nothing. But if someone who's been around for a while could write a "base article", and post it here, we could all have our say on it, fill any holes, catch any missed points, make corrections to inaccuracies, etc. Then we could present it to the Gazette, and the original author of the flawed article as a group of members from the airsoft community, and not just as an individual. That gives us a voice in numbers rather than it being just the opinion of an individual.
Thats why I said GENERALLY about post count. I did email the author as well as the editor inviting them here to ask us as many questions about the sport and our rules as they would like.
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