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Originally Posted by MadMax View Post
To defeat the smelliest stuff on Earth with another smell, I would have to come up with a smellier thing. I don't really want to be embroiled in a stench arms race.

The least stinky propane I've found is RiverTrail branded propane in a can similar to a Coleman can. Try your Home Hardware. I'm not sure if their bottler may have changed their odourant though. Coleman used to be the least odourifous, but that changed a few years ago.

HCl to wash your hands?! The molecule looks like a little doggy. Maybe it can be coaxed away with a piece of liver. Can it be solvated in something less nasty like Varsol or ethanol?
it was what was on hand. also aslong as it diddent start corroding the skin, it wouldent hurt. so in my mind it worked just fine.
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