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Originally Posted by tentacle View Post
You know what pisses me off ? Fuckin' name brand, expensive equipment that doesn't live up to the brand name's hyped quality of "workmanship".
Yeah. I've experienced that with both my Tokyo Marui guns. Originally, I was planning to get a JG M4 to convert to a C8. Had everyone and their dog on this forum convince me that JG is shit and to get a TM, because they "last forever" and never give problems...

Yeah, right. 1 week into it, has the motor die. Replaced that, and the selector plate gave me issues. Fixed that, and within a few mags, it snacked on its own gears. Got everthing back together, and the mechbox cracked. Yeah, so much for TM quality. Let's just say the only TM part left on my C8 now is the motor and grip plate.

TM #2 was my P226. Was gonna get a KJW to get full-metal out of the box, and again, everyone convinced me that TM pistols are the shit and I should get that instead. So I did. On mag #5 (3 used with duster, was the second on propane), the inner metal rail that hold the slide lock was beaten all to shit and no longer locking the slide back. Seller was super cool and sent me a replacement slide with all the internals. New upper I got had shitty internals, vented gas after a few shots, etc. Piece of shit all around. I've since replaced many of the internals and the slide itself with a nice Creation metal slide. Shoots reliably now, but has serious gas consumption issues and velocity isn't that great at about 260 fps.

So yeah, fuck TM and the other 'brand names'. Every other gun I have is made in China (except my KSC Glock) and far better than my TM guns, and that includes JG for AEGs, and KJW and WE for my pistols. They may be cheap, but they work great and haven't broken down yet.
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