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shitty, expensive equipment

You know what pisses me off ? Fuckin' name brand, expensive equipment that doesn't live up to the brand name's hyped quality of "workmanship".

Case in point: ESS Turbofan goggles. What a piece of goddamn fucking shit. I paid big bucks for this fucking thing and it doesn't work the way I think it should for something this expensive from a well known company.

Two things: 1) The fan makes alot of noise! especially on the high setting. Its fucking embarrassing! "whats that noise ? Oh, here comes Tentacle trying to sneak up on me." BANG...BANG...BANG. I'm shot. so much for stealth.

2) The fucking electrical connection is shitty. The fan stops working sometimes. I wiggle the battery/switch box and the fan comes back on. I wiggle it a little bit more and it goes back off.

yeah, i could probably fix it, but I shouldn't have to.

The only thing these goggles do is protect your eyes, but fuck, any ol' goggles will do that AND they'll cost a hell of alot less. The anti-fog hype of the fan is bullshit too, as I've found out. When the fan WAS working consistently the goggles would STILL begin to fog a bit. I've played a game recently involving heavy sweating on my part with the fan off (because its NOT WORKING...) and the goggles didn't fog up.

I've had these goggles for a long time, they exhibited the above problems 5 games into owning them. I never mentioned a word to anybody because I was ashamed. Fuckin' embarrassed at my poor consumer choice. Really, just ashamed that I was hooked into the Turbo-fan gimmick.

FUCK OFF Turbo-Fan Goggles.

piece of shit...

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