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Pet peeve? PTW haters. lol. Seriously. You guys whine about it soo bloody much.

They're just fucking tools. They do the same fucking job. END OF FUCKING STORY.

I've had 2 TM M4's BREAK at the pistol grip (rendering the Mechbox trash) from drilling. I've had 2 V2s crap on me (whilst drilling again..). Buying a PTW was to prevent further headaches, and so far, it's been worth it.

I'm not waving my *****-don't have to. Tools don't mean shit if you can't use 'em. So, take some of your OWN advice, and STFU. No one cares about your DBOYS AK, or GG AR. They're ALL good in their own ways. Retaliating with the same foolish arguments makes you look like a group of insecure WEAK CUNTS.

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