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I'd support a Canadian-made Airsoft Magazine any day. I think the idea is a solid one, albeit one with more than a few rather lagre hurdles to overcome.

How do you plan on paying for, if does indeed go to the much prefered printed copies rather than online, the printing and distribution of the magazine? That being said I'd be willing to pay ~$15.00 on a monthly or bi-monthly issue, subscription or not. It might be best to start out with an online version and gauge people's opinion based on that. If all goes well and there's a promise of steady income or revenue to go towards the publication and distribution of this magazine then sure, go for the printed version. If people seem to not like the idea or don't want to support a printed version, maybe rethink your editing and layout of the magazine and keep it online.

In any good magazine I've noticed they have interviews, small or large ones with significant people in the community they're basing the magazine on. It might be helpful to have a highlight section in each copy highlighting a retailer, team, field, gun, game, or gun parts and accessories (or one thing/ person from each section?).

Pictures are a must, in color or not. If the pages are full of typing and letters people are more likely to just skim over whatever it says and not pick it up again. Maybe get people to send you pictures of events (with credit given and with the people shown in the picture(s) consent of course), just to show people what's going on in such-and-such a region of Canada or to highlight a special event.

It'd also be nice to have a section that points out common problems or concerns with some of the best or most used/ purchased equipment or guns. Have a way for people to send in their problems and have them answered, then if it seems like it's a common issue post it in the magazine.

A section in the magazine regarding new and upcoming products from both overseas and here in Canada would be very much appreciated too. With that being said, it might also be a good idea to include a review of photo of the new product. People will buy the magazine if they know that there will be some solid information in it regarding something they enjoy or are looking forward to hearing about.

I'm aware that some, if nto most, of these suggestions have been brought up already, but these are just my opinions. Best of luck with this, I'm looking forward to it.
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