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Originally Posted by Wilson View Post
Like I said to Poncho last night, 300bb's to the face will turn any cheater into an honest player.

When a player is found cheating, take away his age verification status and banish him from the community (real cheating, not just being shot at from beyond normal range and not noticing the hits).
Under who's authority? All hosts would have to agree and here in Ontario south there is plenty of games and hosts...

Some are quite willing to overlook transgressions to get their player count up.

If there is going to be a "official ban" of anyone.. there has to be an "official" to do it.
And there has to be an appeal Process... if there is a way out of the community.. there has to be a way back in.

The issue with "cheating" is constant.. but of course .. one man's Cheating asshat" is anothers "hard target"

Personaly I like to be SHOT not plinked with gravity carried BBs coming in by indirect fire lobbing.. And I prefer my targets to demand a good kill as well. I want the satisfaction of a confirmed clean shot.

Ill make one observation ... if you have a game with medics that can heal people on the field .. in the engagement.. you will have lots of complaints about cheating.

When I shoot someone.. only to see him back up 30 seconds later.. Im not thinking "amazing healing properties" I'm thinking "shrugging hits"

Often in our struggle to keep people in the game and minimize the "spawn walk" we set the conditions for cheating alligations.

It happend last year a BW is sounds like it happened at Rawdon..

Dump the medics.. enforce Parley procedures.. and move on.

Host need to be ready to tell chronic cheaters to leave.

And Commanders... its your job to De-escalate issues between teams and players not inflame them. Having a Commander get all hot about cheaters.. will result in entire teams being branded. And this helps no one. Exercise some leadership.. rather than performing as a "ring leader" People will make all kinds of alligations.. most of them exaggerated.. some completly unfounded. Perception is reality. and people in leadership positions leveling alligations can manufacture reality.
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