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extra eyes on field

I use a rule of "political officers"

each team is assigned a number of secret "political officers" they are playing for their team but if they encounter a person not calling hits they are allowed to shoot them and have them walk off field. first offence is a yellow card ....second is banned from my matches period. No recalls.

this helps the host deal with it as he only has a chosen few to watch over field. I find not knowing who is watching for cheating makes people more honest.

It gives each team a series of extra eyes to monitor the players. I have been using this and it seems to work. It does gives some players more charges but it usually never happens as you say. I am lucky as most matches I play with people are more than honest. I have seen players calls hits on themselves with twigs falling from trees. They were not sure if it was bb or not. In fact I did that last match. I was not sure if it was spray from twigs from shots above me or a lucky bounce of the bbs. I called it as a hit.

Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
I can certaintly understand that. I just find that at games where there are cheaters, I usually only encounter one or two, and I don't let it bother me. Maybe it's because I don't take airsoft quite so seriously as some others, but I figure I've put all this money into guns and gear and games that there is no way I'm going to let one asshat rob me of having fun. I just choose to put the responsibility of me having fun on me instead of the host.

Actually, I'm not really sure. I don't want to mention specific games, but I'm going to compare two of them here. Both had very specific rules on what to do if people were cheating. One was complicated, the other wasn't. The complicated one had lots of reported incidents of cheating, the other had pretty much none. I honestly can't say what the difference was. Maybe it was simply the crowed that was out to the game (one was smaller than the other as well, but both were large games).

I didn't say ignore it though, I said don't let it distract you from the game. I know that's probably easier said then done. I still don't think tons of rules about how to deal with someone cheating will help. Like I said -if I encounter someone who cheats, they'll get a mag to the face if it really pisses me off. If it happens more then once, I'll report it. Neither distracts me from the game. Once I've reported it, the responsibility is on the host to deal with it. If I don't have fun from that point on, it's nobody's fault but my own. Yes, this is putting a lot on the host. But nobody ever said hosting a game was easy.
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