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Yet another thread on cheating....I wonder if this rampant topic would make it into Whisper_Kills new mag as it's the latest hot topic to come up since the "clones"?

While I agree with the majority of what's been said in this thread and the other threads, I'd make the following points.

1. The expectation that players/participants are expected to "police/monitor/ref" other players needs to be put out there in black and white (if it's essentially a rule of the game, that's easy to do) as an expectation and obligation. If it is, that's fine because it's then part of the rules. Personally, I'm out there to have a good time and run hard. Confronting "cheaters", malicious or not, does not make my day one iota more enjoyable...I have enough headaches at work already and this is supposed to be my fun time. Pervasively/consistently bad play from an individual will get found out one way or another.

2. The general "if they don't react to being shot...then shoot them more" tactic works 90% of the time. I've emptied plenty of "extra" mags at people over the years, but I still think that the shooter has to make the assumption that they aren't hitting the target. When you can see the "6mm dance" or the bbs bouncing off of them that's obvious, but in the majority of the instances that I've come across there's a justifiable doubt that maybe I've misjudged the range, there's enough cover to deflect my shots, etc... Hell, I've hugged the ground and come through clean in enough shoot-ups to give someone else the benefit of doubt.

When it's obvious, well that's when we're talking about a parlay, right?

3. With some of the recent games where there's strict ammo caps and reload rules...dumping extra rounds on a "hard" target sucks. But given the benefit of doubt in the point above, you're best off moving to a more opportune location or setting something else up that wasting significant %'s of your ammo. Getting your support gunner to lay it on them while you flank for the money shot works too...and 100% smile factor afterwards.

4. Even good players aren't perfect in everyone else's eyes...everyone is going to make mistakes, make a bad call, take a shot that they'll think twice about later, overreact to a situation, etc.... If only the perfect airsofters were playing it'd be a quick 3-way skirmish between the holy trinity...(and they wouldn't use PTWs...LOL )...and if I remember correctly only one of them respawns...

5. My personal take on this "cheating" trend, is that this issue is highlighted for "big/mil-sim/hard-core" games. I gave up playing the paintball fields this year but I don't recall it ever being much of an issue at those skirmish games (hard shots within the mercy range and stupid mercy-mercy-mercy stuff was far more of an issue). To raise the bar of play at the mil-sim events, unfortunately the only way I see it happening cleanly is with it limited to a base of "clean" players. That way there is a fair base of expectation that everyone there is conscious enough of their play that "cheating" will be minimized/eliminated as much as possible.

The problem with the mil-sims at Harm's Way or FTF is that they are open to anyone who signs up. That may be great for creating the scenario...but you get that inconsistency in level of play. At almost every one of those games, there were at least a few first-timers. We brought out at least a few first timers with us to those games. Their level of play was outstanding and we kept a close eye on them (with or without them knowing).

I think that it was Shrike's comments in another thread that what's not happening is a "mentorship" of new players. I couldn't agree more. There are a lot of "splinters" of players, often with no mil-sim experience, who sign up for the "big" games (Head's up Brian, there's 3-5 new players going to the FTF game this 20th). The good ones have a level head and good intentions/motivation to do well. Those types should be brought into the community not have the door slammed in their face.

Having said that a list of "clean" players is the only way that will work for "big Mil-Sims"...I definitely think that getting to the list is a dangerous and slippery slope.

Anyways...maybe I'm not as affected as others. Cheaters don't necessarily ruin my day, but watching a forum fill up with threads/posts about it certainly does.
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