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Ok, now that we have two threads on cheating and a third where it's been mentioned numerous times, I have to ask:

Do you all you guys play with cheating douchebags?

Granted, I haven't been playing THAT long, but honestly I haven't really noticed enough cheating for it to really be a huge problem. Yea, some assholes won't call hits. So empty a mag in them and/or report them to the host. I've found that every person I've encounted who blatently ignores hits starts calling them real fast when 3+ people open up on him. And even so, I can count on a single hand the number of times I've encountered this at a game.

Sometimes I think people take airsoft a little too seriously. It's a game. You're always going to have people who cheat. It is completely, 100% possible to have fun at a game when there are some players who cheat. Those that don't have nobody to blame but themselves.

I'm not saying just accept that people cheat -but come on. If asshats don't call hits, just live with it at the moment, and report it when you get the chance. Don't let it distract you from the game.

Blackthorne, while I get what you're saying, adding SOPs and rules and procedures will not in any way solve any cheating problems. Having the host lay down the law and enforce it before the game starts will. I understand what you mean about it being a lot for a host to deal with, but honestly, I have not yet encountered a problem of such rampant cheating that it's become such an issue that its totally distracted from the game.

Anyways, this is just my opinion. Feel free to disagree all you want.

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