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Pet peeve- people that think their guns are high and mighty and rub it in other people's faces, and refuse any compromise.
Ronan, it's done it 3 times against various cylinders, what makes your PTW any different? I'm guessing yours is made out of angel hair and crocodile tears, or something, but unless Systema made your PTW different I don't see why. To me, bragging like that's nothing more then an admittance of how much of a nerd you are. If you feel the need to PM someone saying 'lol my $2000 AEG is bettar then yours', something's wrong with you.
A gun's a gun. Thinking it makes you better than others is nothing short of retarded.

EDIT- With Bowers, agreed. Ronan, I'm betting you're one of the three that PM'd to keep your ego satiated.

Another edit- It's not PTWs we hate, it's overzealous owners that shit in other people's threads saying 'my gun is better/cooler/sexier then yours'- as you yourself have done, multiple times.

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