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In my opinion, the only way to sort out cheating is if we ALL REF. The organizers can't take on the administrative load of finding, training and fielding proper refs. We can barely get games going on time as it is (not knocking organizers here, it's just a fact)

With that in mind, here are my SOP"s for "Un-aknowledged Engagements".

1 - Sight, Acquire, Fire, Assess, Scan
2 - If no reaction, Sight, Acquire, Fire, Assess, Scan
3 - If no reaction, Tac Reload, Dump a full mag on full auto or quick select fire. Assess and scan.
4 - If no reaction, get on comms and let admin know you are going to approach a player and find out what might be going on. (OPTIONAL)
5 - Remove your mag, throw on your red kill rag, and go talk it over with the other player(s).

At this point you are not playing anymore. You are going to sort out the problem before it spreads and causes issues for others. This is a calm, level headed approach until it doesn't need to be calm and level headed anymore. If it's a matter of education or an honest mistake, fine. If it's an asshat the gloves come off and they are treated as such and processed in quick fucking order.

Please comment.

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