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I have nothing against PTWs or their owners. I wouldn't mind adding one to my collection someday, but it's definitely not a priority. I may just end up waiting to see how those Celcius CTW clones turn out once they're released. If they turn out to be good, I may consider that as an alternative. But all that aside, I just didn't see the point in being PM'ed out of the blue with snarky comments about how their guns were "more real" than my "cheap Chinese gun" like I somehow insulted their 1337n355 by giving this gun a glowing review. Like WTF was the point of that? I didn't get my Type 56 to get into a pissing contest with PTW owners or anyone else. I just wanted the ultimate AK replica, so I got the Real Sword.

And on a side-note, how much more realistic does it get than real-steel exterior parts? Short of submerging it in water or mud, you can put the same abuse on a Real Sword that you can on a real AK. I don't think too many PTW or other airsoft gun owners in general would want to do that with their guns. For me, that shoots the Type 56 up as not only the most realistic airsoft AK in existence today, but the most realistic airsoft gun overall. And all this at a price hundreds cheaper than a comparatively upgraded Marui AK would cost. But that's getting off-topic...

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