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Yeah, it sucks when people jump into a deal that they can't carry through with. I've been lucky that I've had no buyers bail on me so far. Everyone I've dealt with on ASC, both buyers and sellers, have been top-notch in every day. It would be nice if everyone dealing here were as considerate as the people I've dealt with to date.

And as a buyer, I make damn sure that I can afford what I'm getting before I buy it. And if I know I don't have all the cash right away and am waiting a few days till pay day or something, I never ask anyone to hold anything for me without offering them a nice, non-refundable deposit. To me, that ensures that the delay is worth the seller's time. And if I somehow can't close the deal, then they've been compensated for their time. I believe that's only fair.

One thing I do have an issue with though, even with good members, is trader feedback. I should have about double the trader rating I currently have. I always leave feedback after a transaction is complete. I wish everyone else would do the same. Even with reminders and PMs saying that I've left them feedback and would appreciate the same in return, often that goes ignored.

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