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Originally Posted by Schwag View Post
If 10 guys contact me for parts and ask me to hold them, 3 will actually buy it.
So I tell them " Sure, I'll hold it until anybody approaches me with money."

And out of the 10, it's usually the 7 flakers that ask 20 questions.
+1. If I had any idea that putting up all my stuff for sale was going to turn out to be the headache it is, I'd have chucked it all in the furnace at work and videotaped it melting. I still might just do that with everything that's left. A lot of buyers have been great, but you should see the plethora of emails and PM's a crappy old silencer brings in. "What shape is it in? Any scratches?" Hmm, let me see, it's attached to a toy gun I carry through the bush while trying not to be hit from enemy fire. What do you expect for 20 bucks?
Not everything sits in plastic shrinkwrap on the mantle :P
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