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Originally Posted by whisper_kill View Post
Advertising rates are determined by distribution (mainly). The cost of the individual magazine is determined by the cost of printing/production (mainly).

My suspicions are that if "my" magazine got off the ground it would be a meager beginning at say 36 or 40 pages, full colour. I also suspect the price to be approximately $15.00 per issue.

Advertising rates would parallel the publications development and distribution and slowly rise as the size and quantities of the publication rose.

The key to a successful magazine (in my opinion), is the magazine maintains very high standards for both editorial content and advertiser content. Pertinent, well written articles mainly focused on Canadian airsoft, however not neglecting both the U.S. and overseas.

And yes, I very much do agree that there should be some very sexy "airsoft models" strategically placed in the magazine. It's a reality of the demographic.

My partner, who specializes in advertising feels she could sell this publication, so that being said, it is a matter of finding the right mix of content to be able to draw in a substantial and consistent revenue stream from advertisers and the capital to get it off the ground.

I am currently seeking the following from across Canada (no commitments are being made at this time), if you are seriously interested in applying for a job... please provide samples of previously published written work or a quality photographic portfolio:

Editorial contributors for both regular columns and "one-off's"
Photography contributors
Product Reviewers
Game/Event Reviewers
Music reviewers
Anyone interesting in placing advertisements

As I said, this is still in the probing stage.
Seriously bro, you dont need to be flooding MY thread with your magazine. If you wish to start your own thread then by all means do so, but this thread isnt about yours now is it.
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