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Regulation not law

Originally Posted by kalnaren View Post
The difference is in the UK the law didn't exist to make airsoft illegal. In canada it already does and has for 10 years.
Airsoft is not illegal by law, but rather regulation. The criminal code defines that replica's are illegal. The firearms regulations define what is a replica, which is the problem or our saving grace depending on how you look at it. Some office worker decides that this airgun is a replica and this one is not, they do not have to justify anything, there is no debate (that we know of). Regulation changes, yesterday you were a law abiding citizen today you are a criminal in possession of a a prohibited device, and as icing on the cake with little or no notice.

Ok that is a simplification, but none the less that is how it works. While in fact there is little or no difference between much of the clearsoft and regular airsoft the regulation says one is illegal to import and one is not.

Until the various gun groups, and airgun groups get together this will be a downhill battle. Staying "under the Radar" has never and will never work, you need to be out in the public eye all the time. Demand your rights and hammer on all those who claim you are dangerous or an abberation. Worked for the gay community, should work for firearms people too.
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