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Seller Dispute 4 months SERENITY NOW!

If this isn't an right section, mods could you kindly move it please and thank you in advance. As this directly involves a member of the forum I thought it was the right section.

***Seller has IM'd with a tracking number will hold off on name and pic till tracking/delivery are confirmed***

**correction to 3 month dispute rather than 4**
Back on April 15th of this year I purchased a custom battery and a charger from a member from the forum. Initially communications were great and it was a relief to know I could now charge my own batteries.

Well now it's July 14th and I still have yet to receive the battery/ charger or my money back.

Most Communications now have been initiated by me and to hear back from seller comes as a surprise.

So here you will see all the reasoning I've been given by the seller as to not having received either my money back or what I had purchased.

- I've lost count if it was twice or three times that Canada post was not aware of my address *according to seller* (even though this has been my primary address for over 10 yrs (including all bills and all packages)
- Place of work was broken into causing inability to ship
- MOved to new address package was buried and not able to find
- Direct quote "I have everything you paid for. I can't explain why I still have it."
- Both of us attended the Rawdon event where we finaly met for the first time and I was once again told "I forgot it at home I was in a rush"

I don't mind stating that:
It took a few members of my team to help focus my frustrations to the forum vs. having an altercation at the event. As this is my first season I've grown quite fond of the Honor system in airsoft and given the respect I have for the sport as a whole and my fellow team mates and players

The Seller has once again committed to having shipped the package today Monday July 14th and provide a tracking number. However I still don't see how so much time can pass without having a resolution to this issue. This being my first season out gaming and the seller being a respected member of the community, I'm feeling a bit out gunned.

I've asked for assistance and received some helpful advice from two local players and the mods have locked one of his threads.

I have all communications between the seller and myself and timestamped chat logs of every conversation with the seller, which I will release upon request after 9pm tonight if no tracking number is provided by the seller.

Now I'm posting to both air out this dirty laundry and also ask the community for their thoughts on the situation and for any and all advice to find a resolution to this issue.

At the request of mods or seller I will remove this post if and when the issue is resolved, as it stands I'm running out of options for the return of my money or delivery of my purchase
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