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Need help ordering from ehobbyasiaq

So im going to order form ehobbyasia. This is my story. I have my paypal and everything. I press guest user on ebay. Then it says the shipping details. The second i press canada to country it says this in a box above.

The following must be corrected before continuing:


* The seller does not ship this item internationally.
* Shipping costs cannot be calculated for this item because the shipping calculator is currently unavailable or the seller has not specified shipping costs to your currently selected address. Please select another shipping address from your address book and try again.

Then the box ticks back to united states agian. Do i just leave it at united states and put down my adress? or wut? Cuz it asks for my state and zip code. Also to order form ehobbyasia does it have to be paypal? Can i use a prepaid visa card form van-city bank?
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