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I wanted to post this earlier but have been very busy in the last few weeks. Anyway a reader (from my blog) emailed me earlier in the year about his KWA M9 PTP pistol, the wings which align the outer and inner barrel with nozzle broke on his gun and was wondering if I had heard of the same thing. At the time I didnít but it looks like my KWA M9 PTP has suffered the same fate.

While the failure looks catastrophic, if I use a pin and push the remaining wing into place when putting the slide back on the gun does function just fine. Of course Iím not sure about any long term damage that may occur due to the cycling of the barrel being uneven. What makes the matter worse is my friend Mark's KWA M9 PTP and his gun failed in the exact same way.

From what I hear on the grape vine, this is an issue that affects first generation KWA M9 PTPs and has been resolved with second generation guns. Apparently if you email KWA, you can get the new generation replacement parts for $30 (free if itís in the warranty period in the US but not for us Canadians). I haven't contacted KWA yet because I've been lazy and using my TM Hi Capa 5.1 more.

I plan on giving them a call shortly and will update everyone with my progress.

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