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BlackHawk Serpa Holster Replica (Huang's)

Just a quick review on the Replica BlackHawk Serpa Holster that Huang sells.

** Note: This review is based on the BlackHawk Serpa Drop-Leg holster and a Stock TM P226r pistol. **

I recently purchased the Blackhawk Serpa Drop-Leg holster from Huang, having gotten tired of using a guarder universal drop leg rig made from cordura.

The 'universal' cordura holster never quite fit right, would often catch the slide as I pushed the gun in, would sometimes push the mag release while I walked/ran, and sometimes my gun would simply fall out if I was squatting down.

Having never owned, or seen a genuine BlackHawk Serpa, I can't comment on how the replica matches visually, but the it is very well made and clean.

Purchase/First Impressions
As the genuine version BH Serpa retails for about $125 + Shipping + Customs (If purchased from the US), I decided to go with Huang's replica @ $75CDN shipped.

As always, dealing with Huang was easy, and my order arrived within a few days. (Shipped from China on the 6th, and arrived on the 10th.) The replica Huang sells has been described as being made from the same materials as the genuine version, right down to the belt clips.

On first inspection, it seems to be of great quality, and looks sexy as hell. The holster came with 2 picatinny rail mag/flashlight attachment points, as well as a belt clip platform if ever you wanted to run it as a belt draw system.

The holster itself attaches to the drop leg rig using 4 screws (No Directional Adjustment) or the belt clip by 3 screws (Very Directionally adjustable)

I wear cadpat most of the time, I figure I'll add a couple coats of OD paint. Krylon works wonders.

This holster fits my TM Sig P226r Perfectly. It slides in easily and locks great. There is a tension screw to adjust the space/grip around the trigger guard, which I loosened off a bit for what seemed to be the best locking ability. The gun locks in great, and doesn't rattle around at all.

Drawing the gun is simple as hell. Depress the release lever, and draw. No more tabs, straps or velcro releases.

Field testing
Took the holster to a game hosted by team BlackBear at Wasaga Paintball today. And now I really love this holster. I didn't have to worry about dropping my pistol, or accidentally hitting the mag release. The platform molds great to my thigh, and I was able to draw the gun quickly when I needed it.

Overall, I'd say this holster is amazing. And, at nearly half the price of the real one Huang's got yet another awesome product for us. The only drawback that I've come across is the fact that it only comes in black. Simple enough to paint up the holster and platform, but you're still stuck with black straps. I may end up pulling the straps off my now useless cordura holster to use though.

The Good:
- Perfectly fits my TM Sig P226r
- Quick & simple to draw/holster
- Seems great quality
- Includes belt clip

The not so good:
- Only comes in Black (Currently)
- Only comes in Right Handed Version (Currently)
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