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Just got my Kalash on Friday , most of what you say in your vids is true and i am very happy great product , the only down side was that when i opened the box the hop up was pushed way back , so I have to anyway replace it , the other thing was the barrel I polished it boy that was dirty. As for the battry I have a 9.6v 1500 battry which works great it does fit with a bit of a twist it does go in and yes it give you a a high rate of Fire , but the standard battry is not bad in piont of fact there is very little differences between the standard and the 9.6v .
I would like to know one thing you said something that Dboys/Kalash make or made parts for CA and other manufactures how did you fined that or where did you fined that info out ? I like the videos enjoyed it
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