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Hi, my name is Rodrigo nick name “Parafal”

I discovered airsoft in 2003 and had my first game in 2004 in the USA. Since 2003 I started to contact the Gun department in my country to create a regulation to allow Brazilian to play airsoft (I'm a Lawyer in Brazil). It’s was a hard fight but finally in 2008 (5 years later) the new regulation was released allowing airsoft to be played.

I’m the owner of the unique airsoft website in Brazil (, I write articles about airsoft for a Brazilian Gun magazine and now I’m living in Montréal.

I have some AEGs in the USA and Brazil but I can’t import them to Canada.
I played an airsoft game last weekend near Montréal and it was great. I’m trying to get age verified (I’m 31) but only one from the 5 local representative replied me and, unfortunately, he was not available for the verification.

There’s a story about my “fight” with the Brazilian Gun Dept at Arnie’s, it’s old and it wasn’t updated yet:

That’s it. I hope to be age verified soon to be able to re-start “airsofting” in Canada.
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