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Originally Posted by Drake View Post
Coleman's isn't that bad, but I notice that unlike whatever used to be in Chinese green gas, the olfactory additive (Ethanethiol -- the smelliest stuff on Earth, according to Guinness World Records) seems to really cling to stuff it came into contact with: my GBBs chambers now have a permanent propane odor to them, as do the insides of my mags and valves.

MadMax should come up with some scented silicone oil (no, not th sexy kind).

And I still have a can of oldschool Green I used for home shooting. My living space is too small to have it stinking of propane.
i guess i can stop smelling my gun for leaks now...

IMO Ozark Trail propane fuel (2 pkg wall mart) has little to no smell
it looks just like a coleman(stink horrible)

playing with my kid!
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