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Originally Posted by spartan117 View Post
We all know that airsoft can't be treated as toys that is why we have a rule that only permits 18+ to use and purchase airsoft guns. I think that you should be blaming the kid's parents for purchasing the airsoft gun for their 15 year old not the airsoft gun itself. Retailers such as Canadian Tire and Wallmart only sell airsoft guns to people who are 18+.
Nah, at Canadian Tire and Walmart, they don't really care either... even though they lock them up behind glass, if you ask for it, they will just give it to you, and the cashiers don't even know about needing to be 18+... there really is nothing stopping 12 or 13 year old kids from getting airsoft guns... I even saw a CO2 powered 400 fps crosman airsoft pistol there one time... scary to think that a kid would have something like that...
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