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Originally Posted by Lawdog View Post
This is probably not the right thread for this topic, perhaps one of the mods could move it for us.


It's very unfortunate that you happened to cross paths with this young delinquent. Rest assured the airsoft enthusiast community at large here in Canada is almost entirely responsible adults. Occasionally a minor or other irresponsible person manages to get ahold of an airsoft/softair rifle/pistol and does something stupid - but the same could be said for pellet guns, alcohol or cars.

Lawdog mentioned the 18+ internal rule. Basically as a community nation wide we've come together to try and police ourselves and limit the sale of airsoft to those above the age of 18. Works pretty well, however we have no control over foreign or fly-by-night online retailers who are just out to make a buck. As well, big brand stores like walmart and Canadian Tire carry "soft-air" spring loaded replicas that they seldom age-check on when selling.

Glad to hear the parent in this case fully intends to punish her child, so many parents these days are "checked out" when it comes to raising/parenting their kids.

Originally Posted by Bathurstian View Post

I'm writing this message to let you all know that these airsoft guns are not harmless toys and should be used under a controlled environment - NOT fired off where innocent people could get hurt. What if that pellet would have hit a driver in the head, causing him to lose control of the car and to have an accident????
Respectfully, 99% of airsoft enthusiasts do use our equipment in a safe and responsible manner, well away from public areas and prying eyes. However your account does serve as a reminder for all.

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