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Unhappy Careless use of airsoft guns

Today, I had an unfortunate introduction to airsoft guns. My husband and I went for a drive to Caraquet, NB - it was a beautiful day and I was sitting in the passenger seat with my window down, looking out the window.

All of a sudden I felt something hit me hard, right above my right eye. I yelled and my husband who was driving, asked me what was wrong. I told him I was hit by something and he pulled the car over to the side of the road. He said he felt something hit him too.

Sure enough, we looked around and found this green round pellet on the floor near his feet. Someone had shot a bb at our car. We decided to call the RCMP and pulled into a flower shop just a bit down the road from where it had happened.

My husband waited for the police to arrive and I walked back to the spot where I had been hit. There were a couple of houses there, with open windows. I noticed on the road three similar green pellets - this moron was shooting at the cars as they drove by.

Long story - short version. Police came, took a report and our contact info. They followed us to the spot, and I showed them the other pellets on the ground. They said they'd investigate and call us later if they found the culprit.

Got a call a couple of hours later. They arrested a 15 year old boy who admitted to firing his airsoft pistol at some targets inside the house. He did not admit to intentionally firing at the car. It was a replica airsoft pistol, so the RCMP confiscated it and charged the youth with illegal discharge of a firearm within city limits. They wanted to know if I wanted to file assault charges against the boy.

I was not injured (other than a bruise and a headache), but if that pellet would have hit me an inch lower, it would have went right into my right eye. I have little vision with my left eye - it could have been a life changing moment for me.

I'm writing this message to let you all know that these airsoft guns are not harmless toys and should be used under a controlled environment - NOT fired off where innocent people could get hurt. What if that pellet would have hit a driver in the head, causing him to lose control of the car and to have an accident????

I'm interested to see what airsoft enthusiasts have to say about this incident.

PS: I decided not to file the assault charges. The RCMP officer said the youth's mother had to come and get him and she was angry and promised them that he would have other punishment. I didn't want to file a criminal charge that could follow him around or possibly affect his opportunities for employment later on. Hopefully he got a good scare by being arrested on the weapons charge and he no longer has the gun so won't pull something like this again.
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