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You alone hold the fate of my next paycheck. Aftermath Kraken vs Aftermath Broxa

Ooh I love this time of month. It's when I get to blow all moneys as soon as I get it (Yes the amount of money to be blown is small. THATS WHAT SHE SAID?) Here are the options.

Aftermath Kraken AK 47 - Hell man it's an AK 47. Heard pretty good things about it. I can get it at:

Aftermath Broxa Revolution - Heard good things about it too. Comes with all them rails and grip.. What I like about it is that MP5s look so good with a lot of crap on them. Oh and this is cheaper than the Kraken.

400fps? With 0.12g I'm guessing. Oh and a lady at BassPro said that they will be in stock online in late July.

So what you think? Internal upgrades are not an issue right now.

FYI I'm 17 turning 18 in a while, but I thought why not get my first AEG now?
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