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I've already begun planning out a Canadian airsoft magazine, in the same vein as Airsoft International.

Full colour, glossy, printed. It takes time as you need to address the four big components: advertising + distribution + editorial + design. Depending on paper costs and type of paper, number of pages and printer, a 40 page magazine can cost anywhere from $7000 to $10,000 to print, not to mention the costs of paying your content providers. Then there's distribution and legal concerns. If you go through a distribution house, you can get the magazine in most major retailers across Canada (depending on your budget). You can go subscription only... but then you need a proper subscription management database.

My plan, is to slowly evolve the publication from a modest size, with quality content into something truly grand... but it is a battle every step of the way. My publication will most likely be titled "Harms Way" to fall under the banner organization. No firm timeline to release yet.

As for content... well, there's just got to be a page 3 girl!
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