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Originally Posted by purplestairs View Post
A canadian made magazine for airsoft sold in canadian stores would increase the publicity and social understanding and acceptance of airsoft
Exactly what I was thinking. If we increase publicity and the number of players who play this sport... perhaps in time we can also hope for some changes with the Canadian customs perhaps? ....

... I know it's a long shot but it's worth a try.

I would be interested in the stories of Canadian airsoft events, but I would also be interested in news from the airsoft world about new products/upgrades either from Japan, Hong Kong or wherever.

If this magazine pinpointed some problematic areas of certain rifles/pistols, and offered helpful solutions for them - complete with photos and diagrams, it'd also be a great benefit to the airsoft community. There are a lot of seasoned Airsofters out there who regularly tweak their own weapons, however it would for the purpose of increasing our playerbase also be helpful to discuss some of the more common "newbie" problems with our specific model rifles.

Should this magazine also offer some good concrete reviews with quantifiable data, regarding say.. fps, or whatever, this magazine could become quite a bit more official and recognised too I think. ( As opposed to just offering opinions, discussions and general chit-chat that we would otherwise find in any airsoft forum)

Ah the magazine, post the airsoft Canada website in the book (as I think ASC is a must for most airsofters), but also include in bold red letters for newcomers to read the age verification threads and other pertinent beginner threads Perhaps then we'd get less of those "I'm knew, watz a best uberz wpns 4 me?" threads

... or ... as is typical with life, we might draw even more of those people after doing that.
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