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ok, I've read through the entire thread and noone have even mentioned how the l96 performes ("you'll need to upgrade for $1000" doesn't count). All this thread is about is about a snipers job during an airsoft-game.

Just to get this straight: I'm 21 and got problems getting age verified because I'm living in norway. And YES I've owned a sniper before (aps-2 sv, broke it because of to much use) so don't bother writing about me not having experience and such.

The reason I write this is because I'm going to buy a new sniper sometime soon, but don't got to much money to spend on it, and the well l96 caught my eye, and since this thread is called "well l96" I actually counted on getting some answers, so please tell me: Is it a rifle that is "functiunal" stock, and does it support major changes later?
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