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I was shopping throughout the Parts/Accessories Section (and gear section) long before my Age Verification (which was quite recently). During the wait for my AEG (last summer) I purchased those little nessecities like mags and a random other accessory or two. I could have been Age Verified at that time, but wasn't (I was old enough). It would have been hard to find the deals I did if Parts/Accessories was closed off to me.

Basically, I'm saying that the system isn't perfect (we know that), and there are still some gaping holes where Age Verification doesn't reach (See Northwestern/Northern Ontario, Northern Canada, and essentially anywhere where there isn't a major city (thus eliminating some of the best places to play)). Yes, it's definately getting better though.

I think internals/recievers/major body bits & pieces should be locked up for Verified users only, yet common accessories (mags, RDS's, mounts, slings, etc) and small parts (pins, iron sights, sling mounts, hop-up rubbers, other commonly replaced parts, etc) be made available to everyone. It's hard to build an AEG of of accessories and small replacement parts (a mag, an RDS, a couple reciever pins and a sling/sling mounts don't amount to much of a gun).

This is just my opinion of course.

Out of Sport. Have Fun!
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