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Just because you're verified and 18+ doesn't mean you're mature and responsible. There have been countless number of douche bags that were verified (and later revoked). Likewise, there are those that are younger than 18 who are responsible and mature. But overall, the age verification helps weed them asshats out.

But the move to restrict the parts and accessories section helps cover up the loophole where a number of users were piecing AEG together from parts. While receivers/parts could have been separated so non-verified members can access the accessories, it would've been a nightmare to sort out (administratively). As well, going along with logic, if you're not old enough to buy the airsoft gun, why the need to buy parts and accessories for it? It's like buying car parts when you don't even have the car yet (or when you can't even legally drive).

While it may come as an inconvenience for some, it was the sensible thing to do. Plus, if you need an accessory, there are plenty of other sources to get them: for example, go on eBay and hit up eHobby, they have a large amount of accessories and for decent prices. Many members on ASC have shopped from them before.

Usually the people who bitch about the age restricted sections are the restricted 18- users.
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