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The thing is, if an underage member was patient, they could basically buy all the necessary parts to build an AEG from the parts section. It's been a "back door" to the age-verification system that I'm sure has been quietly exploited by more than a few underage members. I was a lurker on this forum for about 2 months before I signed up and got verified. I discovered that hole before I even signed up. But being 37, I figured just getting verified would be a better idea... LOL

Seriously though, there were many parted out guns sold that were only a few minor (and easy to get) parts short from being a full AEG. I'm sure that someone with the money and attentively paying attention to the parts section could probably assemble a full MP5, Armalite or AK from parts bought from different sellers in the matter of a couple of weeks if they wanted to. In that sense, I totally agree with the decision. Any parts that an underage gun owner could need are legally available new in Canada without age restriction, so a place like

On the other hand I can sympathize with the loss of access to cheaper, used parts and accessories. And it's never any fun to lose privileges you once had before either. It sucks, but it was done for good reason.

You know, if the parts & accessories forum were split, the parts could be kept age-restricted, but the accessories section could remain open to all.
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