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TokyoSeven: I didn't know there was after game dinners and the such, but now that I think about it it makes perfect sense. And yeah I would enjoy that too, especially after a day of running my ass off in full gear.

Muffin: Would have loved to see the look on that guys face.

Andres: Certainly sounds satisfying. Defending objectives and locations will probably be my favorite part of a game I don't know what it is but the aspect of holding down the fort against an enemy assault is just exhilarating.

Aquamarine: Wait hold on a sec... Maybe these after game dinners arn't what I thought they were... maybe it'll be best to avoid them after all...

TokyoSeven: Well if it is as it sounds... who would wanna talk about it again?

TCLP: Yeah at the end of the day I guess all that really matters is that you had a good time. Sounds kinda cheesy but true.

six4 A grand idea, yet I am running on dial-up. So an idea I cannot use, sadly.

Chuco: That would suck, having your streak ended, and by a team-mate too!

ColtFarmer: I definatly will update my profile right after this post. And Hitarosu does seem like a very respectable person, I will do all I can to follow the example he continues to set. The more I think about it the better the camera man idea sounds, and just so I'm clear on this hiviz = High Visibility right?

deep in the bush: Bushball. I did not think of it because well I didn't know a non-run-and-gun version of paint ball existed maybe I'll try it out, or at least google it later. Oh and about the pictures I understand why it would help me "get into the game" a little better seeing hows, opposed to just spectating, I can actually feel like I am contributing, however small it may be.

KNIVEZS: Ouch... Least it wasn't bare-assed... or was it

demco11: The surprise factor or suspense is one of the major things that turned me onto Airsoft when I first learned of the sport. Well that and MilSim Games (Which is the hardest thing to wait for. MilSim games just seem so amazing.)
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