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-Taking a piss in game.

-Being stuck under fire, having to wait for backup... sit back against the log and have a cigarette... cant advance nor retreat as I was pinned down and the enemy had the same range as the sniper rifle which was covering me for the time being.

-The hot dogs served at the local field Panther. Untill the hot dog guy was kicked out and the field began their own "lunch spot" with crappy hot dogs/burgers/fries. I miss the hot dogs from "Mr. Tube Steak"... those Jalepeno & Cheddar dogs were the best. THe field has those "Hebrew National" kosher hot dogs as they no longer taste like cruelty.

-Not knowing whats over each ridge, behind each bush and under each log. Always on the watch. Setting up a small ambush and waiting for the enemy to pass. Camping for the enemy. The whole "Surprise" factor basically.

- The guns, the upgrading, the accessories, the parts.
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